Omaha Beach Museums

Musee D-Day Omaha

St. Laurent:

Located on Omaha Beach itself, 300m from the beach the 1.200mē museum showcases a large collection of uniforms, weapons, personal objects and vehicles.

Dioramas, archival photographs, maps and thematic signs, as well as a film featuring veterans' testimonies, will guide you through the story of the D-day landings on Omaha and  Pointe du Hoc.


Located at a short distance of the famous "Omaha beach", on the D514 facing the roundabout that provides access to the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-mer. Overlord Museum chronicles the period of the Allied landing until the liberation of Paris.

The collection was collected by someone who was both a witness to the conflict and involved in the reconstruction of Normandy.
Personal items from individual soldiers and armoured fighting vehicles from the six armies in Normandy will be presented as a series of reconstructions showing over 35 vehicles, tanks and guns.

Big Red One Assault Museum