Map of Resistance points by Stewart Bryant

Omaha Beach



Directly at the coast in Widerstandsnestern (Resistance nests)

CO General Wilhelm Richter

HQ in Caen (where the Caen Memorial is now located)

Strenght / Division ca. 7.770 Men about half of the men the Division should have had.


726 und 736

In the second Line:

Generalleutnant Dietrich Kraiss HQ at Le Molay-Littry

Grenadier Regiment 916 [Oberst Goth - HQ in Trevieres]

2 Batalions

Grenadier Regiment 915 [Oberstleutnant Karl Meyer ]

2 Batalions

Grenadier Regiment 914 [ Oberstleutnant Ernst Heyna]

2 Batalions

WN 59 The Stronpoint that served Major Pluskat (The Longest Day) as observation post.
Different to the "Longest Day" that shows him at Longues sur mér battery - he never was there.

Looking east towards Arromances                Looking west directly on Omaha-Beach

WN 60

East of WN 61 on a little hill east of Colleville

overlooks  "La Revolution" bay

Consisted of:

Trechsystem for small arms

1 Tobruk for a Renault MG-Turret

Plattform for 2cm Flak 

Shelter for ca. 8 Men1x 7,5 cm Gun

4xGranatwerfer (Motars)

Strength: 40 Men


WN60 was taken from the west side, as they had no direct view on the beach west of them.

WN 61

East of the valley of Colleville (E-3 Draw) 

To get there use the the little road leading to the sea at the center of Colleville

across the town hall. follow the signs: OMAHA-BEACH or Plage D'Omaha

Consisted of:

1 x 8,8 cm protected by a Bunker (finished at 25.04.1944) had the job to guard the beach from the east to the west. The only other 8,8 cm as at WN 72. This is where the National Guard monument is at Vierville.

You'll find a Tobruk - mabe for a tank turret, othe sources talk about a 50mm AT-gun.

You'll also find some tobruks for Machine guns.

WN 61 had to seal the beach from the easterly side. An AT-ditch ran across to stop enemy movents. This ditch was later used as a first aid post.

Strength : >20 Men

Copyright WN61 by David Benjamin copyright by david Benjamin
The photos are provided by David Benjamin

Here are more Pictures from David

WN 62

Largest Strongpoint of Omaha Beach

Western Stronpoint of the E-3 Draw

Use the same road from Colleville and continiou to the little parking lot. Then you can walk up to the strongpoint. You can also use the walkway from the cemetery down to the beach and turn right until yu see the casemates.

Strength: 35 Men

21 Infantry soldiers of 3. Kompanie 726 Regt. 716 ID 

7 soldiers of Artillerieabteilung 352 ID

They had a concrete shelter and observation post that was connected to a bunker for the radio man.

The survivior Hein Severloh explained the location to me in October 2001

7 Infantry soldiers of 916 Gren Reg / 352 ID


1 Bunker for the soldiers with connecting trenches to a bunker with "Lichtsprechgerät" (device that sent phone signals via a light beam to a receiving unit) to communicate 

with WN 63.

2 Casemates (Typ H669) für Tcheque 7,5 cm Guns, both were not finished on D-Day. the steel embrassures for the guns had not arrived yet.

Tobruks for 5cm Granatwerfer    Maschine gun Tobruk

Trenches (also not yet finished) for small arms

5cm AT-gun 

Heavy maschine gun position of Franz Gockel

1 50mm AT-gun of 916 Gren Reg was on the upper part of WN62 facing down E-3 draw.

It knocked out on Sherman tank and was not visible from the sea side.

Harley Reynolds 1st ID USA / Jimmie Green LCA Flotilla GB / Franz Gockel Germany
Harley Reynolds, Jimmie Green, Franz Gockel

Franz Gockel 1944

June 2002
France-Odile Rault, Tim Roop, Franz Gockel, Martin Galle


WN 63

On the left hand side when you drive down E-3 Draw from Colleville. You can only see a door in the bushes.

It was only a command post.

There are two main rooms and a rear exit that leads on the plateau fromwhere you can see WN 62.

WN 64

Weak point of the defences.The old gas station at St. Laurent

Driving down from St. Laurent to the beach it is on the right hand side on top of the plateau. 

H 612 Bunker for a russian 7,62 cm gun - not finished

Trenches / barbed wire / mines

2cm FLAK

2 x Grenade launchers in Tobruks 

The old pump at Vierville that was there in 1944 - - ->


WN 65

At the westside of the Rouquet Valley (E - 1 Draw)

Everybody knows the picture of GI's (2nd ID) moving up a bluff on Omaha.


H 677 Bunker for 5o mm AT-gun  - the gun is still there -

2 x 5cm grenade launchers in Tobruks

1 x  additional 5o mm AT

1 x 75 mm up the road to St. Laurent.

Memorial for provisional airfield
On top of the bluff you will find a memorial for the 1st provisional Air field at Omaha.

WN 65 The Bunker knocked out by Dal Estes Company

Road from St. Laurent was renamed in 2008 after Bernard Dragols (borne in France) who served with the 2nd Division in WWII
Careful this road is a one way street you can only drive downhill from St. Laurent. 

WN 66

Drive back from WN65 and park at one of the parking lots in front of the two Restaurants.

WN 66 is on the eastern side of D-3 Draw.


1 x Bunker 5o mm AT - not finished 

2 x Tobruk for heavy grenade launchers

1 x 5o mm AT on the bluff 

Various trenches on top of the bluff

New Picture I got today: June 17th 2008

Between WN 66 and 68 was an AT-ditch. A concrete wall sealed off the road leading up D-3 Draw

Between WN 66 and 68 is the St. Laurent MuseumGrenade Launcher
  German 20mm
The Museum

WN 67

Nebelwerfer emplacement / Nebelwerfer Abteilung 84

Drive up D-3 Draw to St. Laurent where the traffic circle is.

After you passed the museum you will see crossroads.

The emplacement was about in that area on top of the eastern plateau. 



Nebelwerfer/Multiple Rocket Lauchers

Caliber 32 , about 25 bis 35 

The lauchers were made out of wood

One controlbunker

The locals and veterans say that no rocket was fired.
Another source claims that the rockes were fired successfully!

WN 68  

On the other side of WN 66 on the western plateau

Stretching fom the plateau down to the Restaurant L'Omaha

Behind the beach was a Tobruk with Panzer IV Turret


Above 2 Tobruks with Renault Turret

1 x 50mm AT gun

1 concrete structure on the bluff with 2 gun slits.

A network of trenches to connect the bunkers

Harley Reynolds back on the sand 2003
Harley Reynolds in the sand of Omaha-Beach

At the beach, you'll find the marker for the first American cemetery
Left hand side of the road leading from St. Laurent to Vierville is the marker for the first US cemetery on Omaha Beach

WN 69

North of the street from St. Laurent to Vierville

This position does not exist any more!

In 2003 I had the chance to talk to a veteran of this strong point who lives in former east Germany now.

He said that they had 2 Artillery pieces of German origin 

1 x 20mm ADA gun

There were no concrete structures

The German Wehrmacht also called it WN 67/A

WN 70

Secured the open stretch of field between St. Laurent and Vierville on the Plateau.

You need to walk about 10 min from the street


2 x 75 mm Guns

Tobruk MG

2 x Tobruk Grenade lauchers 50 mm 

1 x 2 cm FLAK

Barbed wire, Minefield

WN 70 from the sea on D-Day

Omaha-Beach West

WN 71

On the eastern Plateau of D-1 Draw.

From there you have an excellent view over the Beach

D-1 Exit was the most fortified sector on Omaha Beach.

Sectors: Charlie and Dog Green


Concrete structure with gun slits to the west side

Tobruks for heavy grenade lauchers

Concrete shelters

Trenches, barbed wire, minefield

Tim Roop at  "La Pie qui Tete" honoring Donald Meirly whos truck blew up at Vierville due to German Artillery fire 
Photo at the wall was hanging inside the former Bar at Vierville "La Pie Qui Tette" of Cpl. Donald E. Myerly, who was killed by artillery fire at the Vierville crossroads when his ammo truck took a direct hit.  B-Battery, 110th Field Artillery lost a couple guns and trucks along with 18 men that afternoon of 7 June 1944.  I've been told that the artillery fire came from Asnieres? 
In front of the picture is Tim Roop. He makes the only good reprints of the original D-Day maps carried by the Paratroopers, the Infantry and Rangers on D-Day

WN 72


On the west side of D-1 Draw below Vierville 

The best constructed strongpoint of the Germans at Omaha.

1 Casemate Typ H667 guarding the beach from west to east with a PAK 43 - 8,8 cm - 

Today you find the National Guard memorial on top

To stop the americans from advancing up the road was also blocked by a AT-wall.

West of the 8,8 Bunker you'll find another Bunker for a 50 mm

both bunkers were connected by trenches

2 other Tobruks 

Around the strong point was barbed wire and Mines.

88mm AT gun

56th Armored Field Artillerie Battalion

Germans at D-1 Draw
German Patrol at D1 Draw

29th Division Memorial at D-1 Draw

Indicates the location of the ati tank wall

On the right side of the 29th Division Memorial is the Ranger Memorial


WN 73 Small strongpoint overlooking the western bluff

1 x 75 mm Gun firing down on the beach, not visible from the sea side

Mines, trenches and barbed wire

Rolling explosives to defend the steep bluffs there - - - >

WN 74

Radarstation at Pointe de Raz
Würzburg Riese and Freya Radars

Some shelters and dug outs, Mines and trenches

Looking towards Pointe du Hoc that is not visible. 

Radar Mount

Utah Beach can be seen in the distance

Below; map of strongpoints by Stewart Bryant/USA      /       Another map                           

Map of Resistance points by Stewart Bryant


Time for some rest
German soldiers waiting for D-Day in Normandy