Oberst i.G. Ernst Goth

Short Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth July 28th 1897
Location of birth Ingolstadt - Bavaria
Religion Protestant
Father Alois Goth

Anna Goth

Maiden Name: Hemmeter

Education 1987-1902 At home

Jungen Gymnasium Muenchen

Realgymnasium Muenchen
Married to Julie Kempter
Born December 22nd 1901
At Ingolstadt
Date 27.09.1924
Children Erika Goth November 11th 1926
DieterGoth August 30th 1929
Ursula Goth November 1st 1938



Entry June 2nd 1916 
3rd Bavarian Infantry Regiment
June 16th 1916 swearing in 
September 12th 1916
November18th 1916
Officers Training
October 24th 1916 Corporal
December 11th 1916 Sergeant
December 9th 1916
June 18th 1917
Officers Training at Grafenwoehr
July 2nd 1917  Sent to the front - France -
October 15th 1917 Promoted commissioned officer
January 7th 1918  Wounded at Lamorville

February 10th 1918 Promoted to Lieutenant
March 28th 1918 Sent to the front 
as Platoon Commander
October 20th 1918 Machine Gun course at 
November 25th 1918 aide de camp 
January 1st 1919 Reichswehr
December 1919 swearing in on new 
October 28th 
August 1920
Training command Grafenwoehr
September 1st
June 21st 1922
Platoon leader
July 1021 Sports Training Wuensdorf
July 31st 1925 Promoted to First Lieutenant
October -November 1925 Engineer Training Amberg
1926  Officer Training in Dresden
1927 Officers Training in Wuensdorf
August 29th 1931 Berlin
November 1931 Russian Translator
1933 7th corps
April 1st 1933 Promoted to Captain
August 20th 1934 swearing in on new Government
October 1st 1934 General Staff Officer
October 15th 1935 General Staff Officer at 7th AK
August 2nd 1936 Promoted to Major
March 1938 Organization committee of the Olympic Winter Games
March 2nd 1939 Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel
October 2nd 1940 Department head of
"Fremde Heere Ost"
Dept. Foreign Armies - East
December 17th 1940 Quartermaster 17th Army
December 17th 1941 Promoted to Colonel
June 30th 1943
November 9th 1943
Grenadier Regiment 866
November 15th 1943
September 05th 1944
Grenadier Regiment 916
352 Infantry Division
September 6th
November 10th 1944

Grenadier Regiment 502

290. Infanterie-Division
Wehrkreis X Hamburg
Grenadierregiment 501, 502, 503
Artillerieregiment 290

January 10th 1945 OKW
February 1945 Grenadier Regiment 766
May 1945 Prisoner of War
March 26th 1946 Discharge from
Bad Aibling POW Camp

By Major Donald C. Muller
HQ 774th Tank BN